Spotlight: Atelier Biagetti in Blouin Modern Painters magazine

Atelier Biagetti have finished up Milan Design Week 2016 with rave reviews about their most recent collection, No Sex. The duo behind the collection, Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari have a new feature in May’s edition of Blouin’s Modern Painters magazine.

“The Atelier Biagetti is not a design studio, Alberto Biagetti tells me, and he isn’t a designer–an announcement that comes as a surprise…Like Body Building, No Sex functions both as a cohesive suite of design items and as individual works, some objects are unique, while others are sold in open editions.”

The spread focuses both on the duo themselves as well as the critically-acclaimed Bodybuilding and No Sex collections. Find a copy of the magazine at new stands or see the digital edition here.

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