Matteo Cibic

Collectible Design

MATTEO CIBIC is an Italian trans-media artist, designer and master in luxury fun, based in Italy. Known for his object’s w/ hybrid functions and anthropomorphic joyful shapes. CIBIC was awarded the Intl. Young Talent of the Year 2017 by Elle Décor. Pieces are meticulously crafted by fine craftsman using a painstakingly intricate technique. His work is published internationally. Museums incl: Centre Pompidou (Paris), Shanghai Museum of Glass, St. Etienne Design Biennale, Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Venzia, Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (Lausanne). Matteo has numerous Corporate clients including – Centre Pompidou, Starbucks, TIM Telecom, Timberland, JCP, La Rinascente, Lane Crawford, Nespresso, Obag, Scarlet Splendour.