Nucleo is currently showing at XXI Triennale


Torino-based design studio Studio Nucleo is part of a show at the XXI Triennale International Exhibition in Milan, as part of a collaboration between renowed design institutions Domus Academy, NABA and Tsinghua University. Noosphere XX1: A Model for the Produciton of Knowledge. 

Open to the public beginning on April 2 through April 17, 2016 and located at the centre of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, the Pavilion in the Triennale Garden explores new scenarios between Past, Present and Future, inspiring new educational forms in the world of design.


The three time dimensions will be represented through different events and installations, which will vary over the course of the six months of the XXl Triennale. The opening exhibition features the following content:

  • The Past – represented by images of the city of Palmyra, chosen from the collections of Paolo Mussat Sartor;
  • The Present – represented by Nature, by the animals from the Palazzo dei Musei in Reggio Emilia, through to the Crystal Stool designed by Studio Nucleo; and
  • The Future – shown in an installation that involves the YuMi robot by ABB and 3D printed materials.

According to the Domus Academy website:


The three academies continue along the path of their international collaboration addressing crucial topics, exploring next scenarios and defining the shapes of the future design education. The project is the result of a multicultural experience connecting cultures and traditions by pushing and extending school concepts and visions into the XXI Century.

The concept development started with the idea of ‘Noosphere’, an evolving classroom built as a pavilion in the Triennale garden. An authentic learning experience in a living environment in which students, teachers, visitors, and nature are connected through the common experience of a constant evolving learning through projects, workshop activities, lectures, events and exhibitions on seven main themes: Variety and complexity of design objects. The evolution of functional art //Bionics, design and artificial intelligence: a shared platform for future synergies // Design and future society. Future design culture applied to education // Hyper-connectivity and collective intelligence. An urban, domestic and public perspective // Italian design after design // The big waste: an ethics/ aesthetics challenge // Biological science. Energy utilization from biosphere.



XXI Triennale Esposizione Internazionale Milano 2016
21st Century. Design After Design
April 2 – September 12 2016
Viale Alemagna 6, Milano

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